Possibly one of the most difficult sections of the site to build. There are so many types of shop and it may take me some time to decide exactly how to categorise them.
I have to start somewhere so here goes.
Several shops may be listed in more than one category.

Food and drink
Supermarkets, greengrocers, butchers, off license, convenience stores etc.
Clothes and shoes
Ladies, gents, children's clothing shops, shoe shops etc.
White goods, consumer electronics, and everything electrical.
Home and garden
Furniture, kitchenware, lighting plants, garden tools, etc.
Jewellery and gifts
Jewellery, picture frames, posh pens, engraving, pretty little shiny things, etc
Arts and crafts
Artist materials, craft supplies, as well as finished products such as paintings etc.
Sports and leisure
Sporting goods, clothing, toys and games, etc
Everything that I haven't made a category for
Charity shops
I love a good browse round the charity shops. Especially when I'm visiting a new town.